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I am currently in the process of updating my wedding and portrait website and making it more user friendly!

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This year is looking busy again and I look forward to meeting everyone.


Well the new year has begun and lots of meetings lined up for the start of the 2016 wedding season.

One of the most common questions I am asked is “what happens when it rains?”, which seems quite common these days!

Whenever I meet a potential client I always have a chat about a wet weather plan. With my years of experience in wedding photography in the Southampton and Winchester area I know how to plan for such eventuality. A professional photographer knows not only how to control the camera but also where to find the light.

If it is raining outside there are plenty of opportunities to get photographs inside. A small window or an open doorway giving a small shaft of light, all add that little bit of sparkle when working indoors. Working with available light helps make the wedding photographs come to life, there is nothing worse then bad camera flash!

I also carry two large, plain white umbrellas. These are really essential props for wet weddings. I use one for the bride and groom, the other to cover myself and camera! Thats where the second photographer or best man come in handy!

Another technique I adopt if I know it is going to be a very wet day, is a pro studio light. I will take along a large soft box and set up a little studio indoors for the group photographs. This enables the more formal pictures to be taken in a controlled and well lit manner. Taking group photographs with on camera flash in a dark bar or busy room never looks good.
One such wedding where most of these techniques came into use was at Southends Barn, Chichester. The lovely and very cool Jenny and Jeff had a fabulous day, the rain didn’t bother them at all. There was the odd break in the rain which enabled us to get outside, when the sun did come out I positioned them quickly with the sun behind to give a nice backlight, while exposing for the image manually.
The venue was fab for indoor work, as well as the main barn there is the dairy which has some nice available light. The dairy also has a lovely bright room for the ceremony.

Here are a few images from this wedding.

I hope you enjoy, and if you are looking to book your wedding in Southampton, Winchester or Portsmouth then I would highly recommend having a chat with your wedding photographer about your plan “b” and let them worry about the rain and not you!


I have known Dan and Kirsty for a little while now, we were friends before they asked my to be their photographer. It is always a privilege working for friends and family but can also be quite nerve wracking, more pressure!

The weather forecast was for a cloudy but dry day, what we ended up with was the most glorious, hot sunshine like summer days of old. Was this the end of summer? I hope not.

As soon as I arrived at Norton Park I was welcomed by Terry the Master of Ceremonies. He very kindly run through and confirmed our schedule. A lovely chap and very relaxed yet managing to control the crowds!

A quick stop at the Barn, where the ceremony was to be held to photograph some flowers then off to the Manor House to meet the girls for some bridal prep photographs.

Norton Park has some lovely out buildings and the Manor House is one of them. There are lots of photo opportunities here including the orangery, gardens and lake.

Kirsty looked amazing as she put on her dress helped eagerly by her bridesmaid. We were really lucky with the soft lighting in the bathroom! As can be seen below those tiles worked well as an impromptu reflector! A quick stop for a picture outside and then onto the ceremony.

Dan waited patiently in the barn for Kirsty to arrive which gave me a moment to get in place for photography. After the ceremony in the Barn at Norton Park the guest lined up for confetti and then onto the gardens for reception drinks.

It is always challenging photographing a wedding in full sunlight, especially mid-day summer sun! However, having worked in the photography industry for over fifteen years I know the best way to work with this. This is where putting the camera into manual is the trick, programme modes can fool the exposure meter and you have to adjust accordingly. Having said that I don’t get it right every time and those images end up on the cutting room floor!

As I have all ready said, a lovely couple and an amazing day had by all, I am going to really enjoy editing all the images soon.

Well done Kirsty and Dan and I wish you much happiness for the future. 🙂

All images copyright of Paul Murphy Photography and may not be copied, shared or printed without permission of the photographer.

Its always nice for couples to ask for an engagement sitting. It means we get to know each other and you see how I work in a relaxed manner.

It will also give you a good idea of what to expect on your wedding day with the photography. When planning an engagement shoot I always like to ask couples if they have a favourite place in mind, this really adds to the collection of images. It is quite a gamble with the weather as well, that is why I always carry a few umbrellas just in case! Why not bring along the family pet too! If you would like your portrait taken, or would like to purchase as a gift then the sitting fee is just £35.


Its that time of year where the wedding season starts to get busy for a photographer. I have some lovely weddings booked for 2015 and I am starting to plan ahead. I will begin by looking at last years work, and see what worked and what didn’t. Thats part of being a professional photographer, always trying to improve your game.

I look at the unused images as well, and look how I can improve and obviously if something worked (posing, light etc) then I won’t change it!

Looking at new trends, I look at magazines, forums and other places to see what the clients are needing. Its no good staying the same and saying “thats what I do”. Unless you are very famous and people book you because “thats what you do” !. So it looks like the vintage theme is still around for weddings but with a bit more style. I photographed a lovely wedding last year that used jam jars for Pimms, great idea! Lets see what this year brings..

There are still a few dates left for wedding bookings in 2015 for Southampton, Winchester, Portsmouth and Hampshire. If you are looking to book a wedding photographer with over fifteen years experience in the industry then please get in touch.

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