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Why a professional wedding photographer?

Well the new year has begun and lots of meetings lined up for the start of the 2016 wedding season.

One of the most common questions I am asked is “what happens when it rains?”, which seems quite common these days!

Whenever I meet a potential client I always have a chat about a wet weather plan. With my years of experience in wedding photography in the Southampton and Winchester area I know how to plan for such eventuality. A professional photographer knows not only how to control the camera but also where to find the light.

If it is raining outside there are plenty of opportunities to get photographs inside. A small window or an open doorway giving a small shaft of light, all add that little bit of sparkle when working indoors. Working with available light helps make the wedding photographs come to life, there is nothing worse then bad camera flash!

I also carry two large, plain white umbrellas. These are really essential props for wet weddings. I use one for the bride and groom, the other to cover myself and camera! Thats where the second photographer or best man come in handy!

Another technique I adopt if I know it is going to be a very wet day, is a pro studio light. I will take along a large soft box and set up a little studio indoors for the group photographs. This enables the more formal pictures to be taken in a controlled and well lit manner. Taking group photographs with on camera flash in a dark bar or busy room never looks good.
One such wedding where most of these techniques came into use was at Southends Barn, Chichester. The lovely and very cool Jenny and Jeff had a fabulous day, the rain didn’t bother them at all. There was the odd break in the rain which enabled us to get outside, when the sun did come out I positioned them quickly with the sun behind to give a nice backlight, while exposing for the image manually.
The venue was fab for indoor work, as well as the main barn there is the dairy which has some nice available light. The dairy also has a lovely bright room for the ceremony.

Here are a few images from this wedding.

I hope you enjoy, and if you are looking to book your wedding in Southampton, Winchester or Portsmouth then I would highly recommend having a chat with your wedding photographer about your plan “b” and let them worry about the rain and not you!


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